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Up Date

Hello once again, Just an up date to tell you that I'm getting there slowly but surely! Recipes are coming soon, but you also can go to: www.smokymountainsaroundtown.comĀ  Every month on the back page is my article with recipes. This month I have German & Bavarian recipes. You may also contact me at anytime & I'll get back to you within 24 hours, (if not sooner). Chef JD

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Thank You

Good day, Thank you for hanging in there with me while I get this site going. Slowly but surely I am figuring this all out. When you do not see something & you wish to purchase, give me a shout or sent me a message. Just go to the "contact us" link. Thank you once again! OH! Recipes are coming! Chef JD

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First post

Hello my beautiful people!!! Welcome to the blog. Please hang in there with me... I have never done a blog before and I am trying to transfer stuff from old site to this site. Therefore, please keep checking back to see how things are developing. Thank you for hanging in there, Chef JD

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